Omnitrition's Charge® Gives you Energy to Face the Day!

  • "Energy & Good Attitude" in a bottle
  • Positive Happy Feelings
  • Mental Focus & Concentration
  • Natural Appetite Suppressant

This pre-workout explosion drink mix is truly the missing ingredient in your workouts! Just take one serving and 15 minutes later you'll feel a surge of strength, energy and focus like nothing you've felt before! It provides you with precise amounts of key, active ingredients to give you that extra energy.
Omnitrition's Charge® Gives you Energy to Face the Day! Omnitrition's Charge® Gives you Energy to Face the Day!
Who needs more energy?...almost anyone!
Full of B vitamins, Omnitrition's Charge® may be very helpful with: stress, fatigue, anxiety, energy, focus, & concentration. B vitamins are, also, thought to be natural anti-inflammatories, so they may be helpful for people who suffer from many kinds of muscle or joint aches & pains. In addition, Omnitrition's Charge® has Phenylalanine, thought to be a natural pain killer. For those who want to lose weight, it also contains an amazing appetite suppressant, Garcinia Cambogia. Omni4® & Charge® work together, like a marriage, giving your body exactly what it needs. Comes in orange & grape, bottle or packets(for convenience). Also, available in capsule. If doing the Omni Weight Loss Drops® diet program, be sure to get Charge® in capsule form. 90 Capsules-$36.00
Plus Tax & Shipping

Powder in Bottle-$43.21
(same price for orange & grape) Plus Tax & Shipping
30 Packets-$49.48
(same price for orange & grape)
Plus Tax & Shipping

60 Packets- $98.95
(same price for orange & grape)
Plus Tax & Shipping
Gayle Sibat, Winter Springs, FL- I won't go a day without my "get up & go"--Omni4®, Omnitrition Charge®, & Thermo Herbal Tea®!

Trish Holland, Winter Springs, FL- Charge® is like getting a Vitamin B-12 shot without the needle & doctor's visit. It gives me the energy I need naturally.
 If you are doing the Omni Weight Loss Drops® diet & want to get more energy with Omnitrition's Charge®, get the capsules. The Omnitrition Charge® in capsules works best with the Omni Weight Loss Drops®. Lose Weight Fast & Easy with Omni Weight Loss Drops! Omnitrition's Remind® is Complete Brain Nutrition You Won't Soon Forget!
The caffeine in Omnitrition's Charge® is water based & equivalent to only 1/5 cup of coffee. We like to call it the "Nutritional Alternative to Coffee"! Omni4 is America's Best Liquid Vitamin!
*Caution: Use only as directed. Not for use by children, pregnant or lactating women or by persons with the genetic metabolic disorder of phenylketonuria(PKU), psychosis, hypertension, pigmented malignant melanoma cancer, violent temper, or persons taking prescription MAO (monoamine oxidase) inhibitor drugs. Excessive consumption of phenylalanine and/or tyrosine may cause symptoms of excessive stimulation: tremors, rapid heartbeat, irritability or insomnia. In case of excessive stimulation or insomnia, reduce consumption by half, and avoid intake during late afternoon or evening hours. Do not consume more than 3 servings daily. Keep out of reach of children.