Omnitrition's Immune Defense® Helps Me Support a Healthy Immune System

Omnitrition's Immune Defense helps support a healthy immune system!

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Let Immune Defense® give your body the support it needs for a healthy immune system. Formulated with Omni-Glucan, Omnitrition's® blend of extracts from 10 Oriental mushrooms, including Maitake, Reichi, & Shiitake(All organically-grown in aseptic conditions & environmentally controlled to ensure they are germ-free & of the highest purity & potency), Immune Defense® is our family's insurance policy. The combination of 7 vitamins & minerals along with its herbal ingredients allows Immune Defense® to help support the immune system.

May be beneficial for people with suppressed immune systems. Check with your doctor, but Immune Defense® may be used during Chemotherapy & radiation treatments.  It may help protect the good cells in your body while boosting your immune system.  Immune Defense® is an antiviral product that has helped with shingles, as well as, cold sore/fever blisters.  *It is suggested that those with auto immune disorders not take Immune Defense®.

Eric Seablom went to his doctor with symptoms of shingles. He had not yet broke out, but was given a prescription from his doctor to be filled right away, as a break out was imminent. Instead, he went home & started on Immune Defense®. He never broke out & has been symptom free for over 2 1/2 years.

Gayle Sibat, Winter Springs, FL- My whole family takes Immune Defense® whenever we feel we are coming down with a cold or flu. In just a few days, our symptoms are gone. No need for flu shots or medication for us.

•No gimmicks.
•No side effects.
•Just plain nutrition.
•You don't have to worry about having high blood pressure to take it either.
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