Helps Support Weight Management

Let OmniTrim Extra Enhancer help you balance your sugars & curb your food cravings!

Bottle (90Capsules)- $27.76 Plus Tax & Shipping
OmniTrim Extra Enhancer® combines the benefits of calcium, magnesium, potassium, gymnema sylvestre, & chromium in a fiber base to provide a balanced formula for good health. Extra Enhancer® may help support the effects of Omnitrition's weight loss products by balancing blood sugar levels.

Trish Holland, Winter Springs, FL- OmniTrim Extra Enhancer® helps to balance the sugars in my body helping to cut my insulin requirement by more than 30%.

Julie Guenthner, Buckley, WA- With Omnitrim Extra Enhancer® I no longer have cravings & want to snack all day!

Joanna Smith, Stuart, FL- Extra Enhancer® helps balance my sugar levels, which helps stop my food cravings & energy loss. It has also helped relieve my leg cramps!

Heidi Whitehair, Buckley, WA- Uses Extra Enhancers® to help control her hypoglycemia. By taking 1 or 2 capsules before she eats anything with sugar or has a glass of wine, her body does not have an insulin reaction triggering hypoglycemia.
Let Extra Enhancer Balance Your Sugars!
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OmniTrim Extra Enhancer® may help stabilize blood sugar levels & "turbos" the thermogenic products, the Thermo Herbal Tea® & Thermo Java® helping them work more effectively. OmniTrim Extra Enhancer® may help with leg cramps due to the minerals it contains:  chromium, magnesium, potassium, & calcium.  It, also, may help to reduce, or stop altogether, sugar cravings, & converts sugars to energy instead of fat. OmniTrim Extra Enhancer® contains chromium, which is an essential mineral. Chromium levels decline with age & most adults are deficient. Chromium helps to promote fat loss & lean muscle tension. It may reduce the risk of glucose intolerance.  ***This product does not contain bitter melon.***