Nite Lite® is Omnitrition®'s Natural Sleep Aide. 

Gayle Sibat, Winter Springs, FL- Where else can you lose weight while you sleep? I love it!

Jeff Holland, Winter Springs, FL- Since taking Nite Lite®, I sleep much better.

Tara Maria Brown-Nite Lite® does not make you sleepy or cause you to fall asleep like Nyquil or Benadryl. It helps you get a deep restful sleep. My mind goes 1000x a minute when I lay down, so I take Phytonutrients® to calm my mind and Nite Lite® helps me rest.

Let Omnitrition's Nite Lite help you sleep like a baby & lose weight!

Nite Lite® is Omnitrition's ground-breaking formula used to support your body's natural metabolic processes, which occur through deep, relaxed sleep. Fueled by body fat, these processes assist the body in efficiently and naturally rejuvenating and restoring itself, as wells as, facilitating weight loss.  Nite Lite® contains Niacin, a B3 Vitamin, which flushes out toxins & improves circulation.  Perfectly normal, some people experience a "niacin flush" when taking this product.  Take Nite Lite® & get your best night's sleep naturally!  Works great with Omni Weight Loss Drops®, too!

Omnitrition® has recently changed the proprietary blend of this wonderful product by increasing the amount of melatonin to almost 1mg.  This may give it a more tart taste.

*Simply take 1 tablespoon with water before bed. Works best at least 3 hours after eating. 

(15 fl.oz.)-
$42.95 Plus Tax & Shipping
Sleep Like a Baby with Nite Lite! Nite Lite® relaxes you & puts you at peace, so you can fall asleep easily.  Sleep Like a Baby With Nite Lite®! See More Weight Loss Products from Omnitrition!



Nite Lite® benefits may include:
  • Proven & Documented Benefits of H.G.H
  • Restores muscle mass. Decreases body Fat.
  • Increases Energy with better sleep 
  • Nite Lite® is an incredible multi-purpose product. The ingredients in it are formulated to allow your body to get to the metabolic rate(REM) it needs to be at during the night to repair, restore, & rejuvenate. Our bodies were meant to sleep at night. Most of us don't allow ourselves enough time to sleep. 80% of the population have sleep disorders.  Lack of sleep is one of the quickest ways to age your body & set yourself up for diseases & illnesses. When you drink the Nite Lite® 3 hours after your last meal, just before bed, you will not only enjoy the fat burning, muscle building effects, but you are also getting the anti-carcinogenic & anti-tumorigenic benefits that Nite Lite® may have to offer while enjoying the best night sleep that you have ever had. Nite Lite contains collagen, which helps your metabolic rate.  It allows your body to naturally release the Human Growth Hormone. Lack of HGH in the body leads to increased body fat levels. HGH helps to burn fat while sleeping. Nite Lite® may enhance the immune system, from the common cold to cancer. Sleep deprivation is the#1 medical problem in the U.S. today. More accidents occur to sleep deprived people. Most people notice the Nite Lite® working from the first night, however, it can take in some cases up to 4 weeks for a body to adjust to it. Nite Lite® may be helpful for people who suffer mild to severe sleep disorders, as well as, people who suffer any type of muscle aches or pains.

    *Caution:  Use only as directed.  Not for use by children under 18, pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, cancer patients, persons who have had ocular or brain herpes, or persons taking cortisone.  Supplements containing arginine and/or ornithine may cause reactivation or latent herpes infection in susceptible individuals.  If this occurs, discontinue use. 

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