Thermo Java®

Omnitrition®'s Unique Thermogenic Coffee

***Very sorry. Sugar-free Thermo Java in packets is currently on back order. Hope to be available soon!

Trish Holland, Winter Springs, FL-I love Thermo Java® in the morning!  Gets my motor going!  Fat burning, too! 
Lindsay Brown, Winter Springs, FL- I enjoy Thermo Java® every morning.  Helps burn my calories.

Thermo Java, Omnitrition's coffee flavored drink has fat burning properties for weight loss!Thermo Java in packets for easy travel!Omnitrition's® answer to the coffee drinker, Thermo Java® is formulated to help with weight loss by burning stored body fat & increasing lean muscle mass at the same time. It has the same weight loss ingredients as the Thermo Herbal Tea®.  Comes in bottle or sugar-free packets(for convenience).

60 Packets-$69.99
Plus Tax & Shipping
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  • Includes highly beneficial effects of DHEA
  • May help with anti-aging
  • May decrease body fat
  • May increase muscle tone
  • May increase bone density
  • Promotes well-being 
  • May improve quality of sleep
Trish H.- I lost 43 pounds, decreased my appetite & I have more energy to keep up with my 3 children and work full time!

Lindsey B.- I lost 13 pounds and went from size 12 to an 8.

Carolyn B.- uses the Thermo Java® and says she has no jitters-- it's easy on an empty stomach and her pants are looser everywhere! It, also, really suppresses her appetite.

*Please, note:  Thermo Java® contains sucrose, which is a sugar & is not allowed while participating in the Omni Weight Loss Drops® diet program.  Be sure to get 'New sugar-free with appetite suppressant Thermo Java® in packets, when using Omni Weight Loss Drops®.